Story about paramilitary organizations in Poland

published in Stern magazine, march 2015

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Photo published at the front page of International New York Times

Story about paramilitary organisations in Poland published March 16, 2015

Europe's Travelling Circus

Between three and four thousand members of European Parliament and their staff including translators, various office workers and even ushers, move every month between two locations of parliament; Strasbourg and Brussels. Along travel their files. 

Auschwitz survivors gathering, published on NBC News website

Auschwitz survivors gathered in Krakow, Poland for the 70th anniversary of the concentration camp's liberation.

The first train to Auschwitz

archive photos

Images of four men who were among the 728 prisoners to be brought by the first train to concentration camp in Auschwitz on June 14, 1940. They were fortunate to have lived through the hell in the camp. Two of them escaped the camp dressed in stolen German uniforms.
Photos were shot at their homes and show them as they were in 2010, with their memorabilia from wartime. 


published in Polityka, October 2014 

Time for herring

photo feature

Every March and April thousands of tonnes of herring come from the Baltic Sea to the Wislana bay in Poland to breed. This is the harvest time for local fishing population, still dependent on fishing for their livelihood.

Film commissioned by Open Society Foundation

Short film shot in Moscow by Piotr Malecki and Guy Martin, edited by Andrew Hilda is published on OSF website

Half a Million Shades of Black

photo feature

Everyday over half a million people commute to the City and the Canary Wharf - the old and the new financial districts of London. These places are like ant-hills; overworked and full of rush. The City is money, razzmatazz and party - says one developer from the city, while sipping beer at the Borough pub near the London Bridge. All conversations start and end with the money. Who made a good deal, who got a bonus, who got lost, who had a nose for the investment. The rest is nothing, not worth mentioning.